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The National Safety Council projects that nearly 250 million computers will become obsolete in the next five years, so the number of computers that need to be disposed of is continuously growing. If your organization is like so many others, where your obsolete technology is accumulating in a closet or room at your site, or worse, you've had to rent space somewhere to keep it, we can help. For a small fee we can remove that pile of e-Scrap and have it recycled in an environmentally safe manner, freeing your space and relieving you of the responsibility of what to do with it someday down the road.

Cable Mining - in addition to recycling your old technology, we provide cable mining services.  In the event of a remodel, lease expiration, construction demolition or other event that requires the removal of old networking cables from a building environment, we will deconstruct the old network environment and return the space to a state ready for re-occupancy, remodel or new build out.